Table Stakes: A Podcast for Enterprise Restaurant Brands

Episode 4: Golden Corral Franchisee Platinum Corral Reinvents the Buffet for Off-premises

November 9, 2020

In the midst of unprecedented challenges for dine-in restaurants worldwide prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic, Golden Corral Buffet + Grill franchise Platinum Corral has a new lease on success.  The company expanded its off-premises guest service options at the Jacksonville, North Carolina location by launching a drive-thru and retrofitting its store with a “To-Go Room” that services all to-go channels. Off-premises sales have far exceeded expectations, and the restaurant is now equipped to further expand its digital service channels and serve guests regardless of possible future pandemic-imposed restrictions. In this episode, we talk with Director of Marketing and IT, Mike Cox, and Platinum Corral President Billy Sewell about the pivot to off-premises, the stellar results, including blazing-fast drive-thru service times, and what it all means for the future of buffet.

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